The Right Hire Is The Key To Your Software Project Success

The Right Hire Is The Key To Your Software Project Success - The Right Hire Is The Key To Your Software Project Success
The Right Hire Is The Key To Your Software Project Success

It is not an easy matter to find the right professionals for any sector. And when it comes to IT specialists, software developers included, the recruitment issue becomes even more challenging. Tech – companies have staff qualified for screening candidates through personal and technical interviews, but it becomes a quiz for non-tech ones. Both long and short-term software projects imply complex assignments and require an array of variable expertise and abilities. Hiring a dedicated team of developers will help you access a wide variety of the required skills and achieve your project goals in the most efficient way.

IT staffing is a complicated task

In our digital world, it is hardly possible to gain business success without information and communication technologies. Some companies employ full-time IT professionals. Other ones hire them for different projects, especially when there is a need for custom software. And here comes a lot of recruitment challenges and problems.

Most people and companies that do not have an IT background can hardly have a comprehensive understanding of what good developers are and what expertise and abilities they should have to create bespoke software. Too often, IT recruiters merely rely on the candidates’ degrees, years of experience, and their matching commonplace technical requirements, with little or no relevance to business peculiarities and project specifics. Besides, the majority of software projects need several specialists that have to function as a team. To assemble a successful team of people who have never cooperated before would be a tall order.

Hard skills required

Software development needs a wide range of hard skills, including but not limited to:

  • Programming languages
  • Data knowledge, structure, and algorithms
  • Operating systems and frameworks, cloud platforms
  • Source control
  • Unit, integration, and system testing
  • Debugging
  • Encryption and cryptography

and much more

Besides, software engineers need expert knowledge of text editors, containers, computer networks, and plenty of other tools, systems, elements, and processes. Business domain knowledge is also an advantage. 

If you are non-tech, it would be hard to define what technical skills your project demands. 

Without soft skills, hard skills become worthless

Developers are not technical resources or fungible commodities. They are people, each with unique abilities, knowledge, mastery level, and personality.

And it’s not only technical expertise that makes a good developer. There has to be an effective combination of hard and soft skills. Among the most demanded soft skills, we can mention critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, agility, time management, fast learning, and strong communication skills. Emotional IQ and empathy would contribute a lot.  

Software projects can require various experts with a particular set of skills, and newly set-up teams will need solid leadership and clear roles and responsibilities.


Most traditional recruitment methods are outdated, and the whole process seems too complicated and resource-demanding. How shall you pick the proper candidates for your software development tasks? 

You can find different, more or less reliable solutions, but the most relevant alternative might be hiring a dedicated team consisting of experts with various competencies, distinct roles, and collaboration experience. It’ll save you a lot of effort, time, and costs.

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